Message from the Principal : Mr. Joe Mercora

Dear Friends,

 I hope this letter finds you well.  (see supply lists links below)

 This year we will make this world a better place by creating an environment where all children can reach their full potential. On behalf of the Upper Nyack Elementary School family, it is my pleasure to welcome you to the 2019-2020 school year. Our first day of school for all students is Wednesday, September 4th. Your child’s classroom teacher will be listed on the parent portal on Thursday, August 22nd. I remain committed to the belief that children are the most precious resource in this world. Each day you share that which is most precious to you with us. For that we are so grateful.

When your child returns in September, they will notice that the new school entrance is in the center of the building. Among many new things, there is a brand new security desk area and main office. We are lucky to be a part of a district where students are the first thought in all things we do. I have missed seeing your children in our school. I look forward to welcoming them back and continue building wonderful relationships with them. Most importantly, I just love being a part of their lives. Like you, we want the very best for each of your children. This is my thirteenth year in Nyack and twenty-fifth in education. I have been and remain in awe of our wonderful teachers, as well as our parents who have demonstrated a commitment to provide a quality education to all students. Our goal is to continue to address the many needs of our students and to nurture them towards becoming capable, confident, caring and compassionate people. Our curriculum will be relevant. Our teaching approaches will meet the diverse learning styles of students. Our assessments will vary. Our goal together is to ensure that all students experience success. At Upper Nyack, we pride ourselves on building relationships with students and their families. Together we change the world for the better through your child and can accomplish great things.

You will hear me speak about the term GRIT and you will also hear your children coming home speaking about it as well. The term GRIT has many meanings but one I like to refer to is the ability to persevere when things are not always going well. We want our Upper Nyack students to be gritty in the face of adversity. A child who develops these skills at a young age is guaranteed to be a successful adult. For children to be successful in this world, we know that they must have a solid foundation filled with enrichment opportunities. Grit can also be defined as a powerful motivation to achieve an objective. It is a perseverance of effort that promotes the overcoming of obstacles or challenges that lie within a gritty individual's path to accomplishment. In addition, it serves as a driving force in this achievement realization. It means having the courage to take on a question you do not immediately know the answer to. The grit a person has to find an answer is what can make them ultimately successful. Our ongoing goal for all students is for them to be courageous in their pursuit of knowledge. In addition, we want them to be strong in their perseverance of gaining that knowledge. We need to help them find that place within themselves where they can truly believe that nothing is impossible. Hard work, flexibility and consistency of expectations will make this happen. It is our job to guide, support, challenge and celebrate our student’s journey toward success. Above all that, it is our job to love them in all they do.

With our new Security Desk and Main Office, comes changes to the way we enter our building. One of the advantages of this new main office is a higher level of safety to our students as well as a more suitable location for the principal, nurse and office staff in the center of the building. They are not big changes, however, changes that we want you to be aware of. Please drop your child off at the new Main Entrance located by the garden. Your child will then be directed to morning program from that location. Our crossing guard will also now be stationed at the cross walk in the morning closer to this new Main Entrance and will cross families at that particular location. Our car-rider lane will now also go further down the block for your convenience. Any drop-offs for students (lunches, instruments, supplies, etc) will be left by the security desk and your child and or child’s teacher will be notified to pick up in the office. No visitors will be allowed beyond the security desk unless they have a scheduled appointment. If parents have an appointment, they will be asked to show ID and, if not already in the system, photos will be taken of any new guests. Please be advised that all dismissal procedures remain exactly the same.

We are very excited about the beginning of our school year. This year you will be receiving information about our re-vamped Positive Behavior Intervention Services Program. It is designed to assist students in making positive choices and good habits in their behavior. In addition, we also look forward to seeing them use our newly purchased outdoor recess equipment that features brand new basketballs, footballs, soccer balls etc. As a result of this purchase of new equipment, DO NOT send toys, cards or personal athletic equipment (soccer balls, footballs and basketballs) in with your children. We have found this to be a major distraction throughout their day.
Please know that we are here to serve. Together we are a team with one goal, the success of your child. There is no better goal or reason to team up than that. The parent portal will open on August 22nd. It is at that time that you will see your child’s teacher placement. Please refer to the district school calendar recently mailed to you for upcoming school events and holidays.

  Mr. Joseph Mercora ​

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