Message from the Principal : Mr. Joe Mercora






February 11, 2021


Dear Amazing Families of Upper Nyack Elementary School,


I am hoping this letter finds you and your families happy, safe and healthy. It is hard to believe it but we have arrived at our Mid-Winter Recess point. We are now more than halfway through this school year. That in itself is amazing.


As I reflect on this year, like you I see all of the challenges and obstacles that a pandemic can put in our way. Yet, I also see the amazing resilience of our school community rushing to actively meet and overcome those challenges and obstacles together. For that I am so grateful and thankful to all of you, our staff and those amazing students of Upper Nyack Elementary School. You are all demonstrating that grit that will lead to the children’s success. I know it is not easy but I also know that we will keep working hard and doing our best. We have no choice because that hard work, determination and perseverance that you are all exhibiting is for the children. We will succeed. We have done so much but must continue to push ourselves for these children. Believe me, we know how hard this has been on our families. We truly appreciate all you are doing.


I can tell you that we were all in awe when we arrived at Upper Nyack on Thursday morning and saw that beautiful token of appreciation from our families. I would like to personally thank our parent community, the P.T.A., Cynthia Bing and Mirian Rivera for putting it together. Thank you so much on behalf of our Upper Nyack Staff.


I would be remiss in this letter not to pay tribute to our staff. Every single member of our staff has truly tried each day to go above and beyond to make this situation work. From keeping your children safe in school to working with students physically in front of them and remotely at home all at the same time. They have been heroic in their efforts.  


As we move forward I just wanted to remind and inform all of a few items:


Mid-Winter Recess


  • All schools and district offices will be closed next week.
  • School will resume on Monday, February 22nd


Traveling During The Mid-Winter Recess Break And The Need To Quarantine​

  • We more than recognize that families will possibly be traveling over the break.
  • New York State still has guidelines for traveling to areas and the need to quarantine for a period of time before returning to school.
  • Thank you to the many families who have already informed us of this and how your children will need to quarantine upon the return to school.
  • If you have any questions about if your travel plans require your child to quarantine before physically returning to school please call the main office email our nurse Ms. Laura Weigel at
  • Thank you all for keeping us safe.



Picture Day


  • Lifetouch will be back to do our annual Picture Day.
  • To reassure you all of the safety measures they are taking, they have provided a video.
  • Hybrid learners will take their pictures on March 2nd and 3rd.
  • Virtual students will be invited to take their pictures on Friday, March 5th between the hours of 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
  • We will be sending out more information when we return from the break.  
  • Thank you especially to our P.T.A. and especially Valerie Schmidt for all of her work on making this day a reality.  


We have to always remind ourselves about how fortunate we truly are. Our students have remained healthy and are developing academic and life skills that will carry them the rest of their lives.  Our staff has managed to remain positive, innovative, healthy and strong for those students.  Our families have been nothing short of amazing and our school has remained open! Those are all things to be grateful for.


 I start each school year by writing to you and quoting my favorite African Proverb which states, “If you want to go fast then go alone but if you want to go far then go together!” We have come a long way in six months. We will go farther because we are going together. I wish you all an amazing break. Stay safe, have fun and know that you are all appreciated, admired and loved by a very grateful principal.





Mr. Joseph Mercora 



Mr. Joseph Mercora
Upper Nyack Elementary School











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